Great opportunity to earn today, Lakhpati made with just 5000 rupees, know what is the plan!

If you are planning to invest in Mutual Fund during the corona period, then there is good news for you. From today you can earn big profits by applying only 5000 rupees. Let the fund house Mirae Asset launch two passive NYSE FANG + funds for the first time in India.

Both these funds are opening on 19 April 2021. At the same time, the company’s large-cap fund has made investors rich by giving 57.1 percent returns to investors in the last year. Let us tell you about this in detail-

The company’s first product in this is Mirae Asset NYSE FANG + ETF ‘. Explain that this is an open-ended scheme, which represents NYSE FANG + Total Return Index. At the same time, the second product is Mirae Asset NYSE FANG + ETF Fund of Fund.

It is an open-ended fund of fund scheme, which invests in Mirae Asset NYSE FANG + ETF. In both these schemes during NFO, you can start with just Rs 5000. For the ETF, it will close on 30 April 2021.

According to the Boston Consultancy Group, 7 out of 10 companies on the New York Stock Exchange, or NYSE FANG + Index, made it to the top 50 companies in 2020.

What is the specialty of the fund-

The NYSE FANG + Index is an equal-weighted index designed to represent the technology and consumer discursive sector. There are growth stocks that are highly traded.

NYSE FANG + Index gives Indian investors exposure to global innovation leaders like Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, Alphabet (Google), Tesla, Twitter, etc. The total market capitalization of FANG + companies is $ 7.7 trillion.

These sectors and companies represent long-term megatrends. They have the power to change economies, businesses, and societies.

Investing in FANG + index will give investors the benefit of weakness in the Indian rupee.

Mirae Asset NYSE FANG + ETF will be managed by Siddharth Srivastava. While Mirae Asset Mirae Asset NYSE FANG + ETF Fund of Fund will be managed by Ekta Gala. Mirae Asset NYSE FANG + ETF Fund of Fund will also offer investors the option of Regular Plan and Direct Plan with Growth Plan.

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