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Google revealed the reason for the removal of Puchkov’s YouTube channel

The American company Google explained the reason for the removal of the channel of the Russian blogger, writer and publicist Dmitry Puchkov, known under the pseudonym Goblin. This was reported on August 4 by RBC.

The press service of the company insists that the channel was removed for “violating our policy on hate speech.” This policy bans content “that denies, downplays, or trivializes well-documented events of violence,” including fighting on Ukrainian soil.

The company issued warnings to Puchkov about the likelihood of blocking the channel due to violations three times within 90 days, Google added.

The Russian blogger’s YouTube channel was deleted earlier in the day. On Puchkov’s page, instead of content, an announcement about blocking “for violating community rules” appeared.

According to the blogger himself, he did not receive notifications explaining the reasons for deleting the channel. He considered that by its action the American company demonstrated its attitude towards the blogger personally, and not towards his content. “The channel was not deleted, it was me who was deleted,” the blogger noted.

Dmitry Puchkov had about 3 million subscribers, the channel was dedicated to history and politics (including a special operation to protect the Donbass), it featured movie reviews, interviews and news releases.

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