Home Business Google must pay lawyer hundreds of millions in damages

Google must pay lawyer hundreds of millions in damages


Google has been ordered by a Mexico City court to pay $245 million (more than €233 million) to a Mexican lawyer who alleged that the tech company was running a blog on which it was accused of money laundering, among other things. Google has said it will appeal.

Ulrich Richter Morales stated that he was also associated with forging documents and influencing power on the blog. The lawyer himself says that he asked Google in 2015 to remove the anonymous blog. He filed a complaint for “moral damage” and was successful.

The US company has strongly opposed the ruling, calling it “arbitrary, excessive and without any basis”. In addition, Google believes the ruling undermines “freedom of expression and other fundamental principles. We trust that the federal courts will act in strict accordance with these principles.”

Google was recently ordered to pay damages in a similar lawsuit in Australia. It was about a former politician who was insulted and harassed in YouTube videos to such an extent that he became depressed and left politics. The man, John Barilaro, sued Google as the parent company of YouTube. Google refused to remove the videos and was ordered by the judge to transfer AUD 715,000 (€480,500).


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