Google launches Bard chatbot in EU and Brazil


On July 13, Google launched Bard Conversational AI for users in the European Union and Brazil. This is stated in the blog.

Along with the geographical expansion, the company presented a number of new features of the chatbot. According to the post, the tool can generate responses in over 40 languages, including Chinese, Hindi, and Spanish.

Data: Google blog.

In certain regions, Bard can voice responses, upload images for clues, and use AI to analyze photos.

Data: Google blog.

Previously, Google allowed the collection of public data for learning products based on artificial intelligence. The July 1, 2023 version of the policy says that the company will collect data to train AI models and develop its products such as Google Translate, Bard and Cloud AI.

The corporation introduced a competitor to ChatGPT in February, and a month later launched a preliminary version of the chatbot for waiting list members in the US and UK.

In April, Google introduced the Experiment updates blog for Bard, containing a list of changes to the conversational AI algorithm.

Recall that in May, the corporation introduced new features based on artificial intelligence for its services.

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