Google Bard favors XLM over XRP, citing greater decentralization

Google Bard favors XLM over XRP, citing greater decentralization

When OpenAI launched its artificial intelligence platform (AI) ChatGPTthe hype that followed spawned other powerful AI platforms, including Google Bard.

Finbold asked Google Bard provide a comparison table of Stellar (XLM) and XRP (XRP) both in terms of utility and investment, as well as choose one of them for investment and justify your choice with meaningful arguments. As a result, the choice was made in favor of Stellar.

Why Bard prefers XLM

In particular, he provided detailed information on both Stellarand about the XRP tokenbut came to the conclusion that he would prefer invest to Stellar, arguing that it has “great potential to disrupt the financial industry and provide affordable financial services to people all over the world.”

Additionally, Bard said he likes the fact that “Stellar is more decentralized” which makes XRP “more vulnerable to a single point of failure” and that XLM “takes a more community-driven approach” although “XRP is more large and active community. However, it also states that a larger and more active community may be a disadvantage “as it could make XRP more susceptible to price manipulation.”

Google Bard favors XLM over XRP, citing greater decentralization
Comparison table XLM and XRP. Source: Google Bard.

In terms of specific comparisons, Bard found XRP and Stellar to be similar in transaction speed (3-5 seconds), fees (“very low, usually less than a penny”), and technology (distributed ledger) with slight differences in purpose – XRP facilitates “fast, cheap and secure cross-border payments for banToov And financial institutions”, while Stellar provides the same but for “individuals and businesses”.

Additionally, Bard said that XRP is more scalable than Stellar, making it “a better choice for high-volume applications such as cross-border payments between banks.” At the same time, “XRP is more volatile than Stellar, and also that it faces legal action from [Комиссия по ценным бумагам и биржам США ( SEC )]”, as the AI ​​tool points out. Finally, it was noted that “XLM is a newer and more innovative project than XRP.”

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