Due to coronavirus, every working sector of the country has slowed down. Many companies started layoffs, due to which crores of people of the country came on the road overnight. Now many IT companies are once again seen in their active mode.

Let us know that the students and experience related to IT sector is big news for working people. Significantly, companies have opened up job opportunities in the second quarter. Let us tell you that the top four IT companies have given jobs to 17 thousand people in the second quarter, even after the fall of 9,000 in the first quarter.

IT officials said that a strong hiring plan has been prepared for the December and March quarter. He said that it is also necessary to do this, seeing that IT is one of the largest employers in the country, especially for the engineering college.

Recruitment in the second quarter of the financial year 2020-21
The number of hiring in the September quarter is less than the number of 31,380 people previously. This difference has been observed due to coronavirus in the first quarter. It is being told that companies are in the mood to hire more and more in the coming quarters. These top four IT companies TCS, Infosys and HCL Tech increased hiring by 17,079 in the September 2020 quarter. This includes working people of both fresher and lateral levels.

Mainly three major reasons for growth
Let us tell you that three main reasons for hiring in these companies have been revealed. The first fresh boarding on which work was postponed in the first quarter. Second, lateral hiring, which was suspended by some companies in the first quarter, is being restarted and finally to meet the demand deficit. These companies say that due to the long-term lockdown in the Coronasal, a large reduction in demand was observed.

CEO of Wipro Company Thierry Delaporte said that Wipro has managed to make big deals as the relevance of the company has increased in the eyes of customers. Explain that this was reflected in the revenue guidance of 1.5–3.5 percent in the December quarter. Wipro did not share revenue guidance in the first quarter due to the epidemic. In this way, due to recovery in demand, there is a plan to increase the hiring in the last quarter of December-March.

Fresher recruitment was postponed at the on-boarding level
Let me tell you that the fresher hiring in the companies in the first quarter was also postponed due to the increasing influence of Corona. Because the final year examinations were postponed and the companies could not complete their recruitment on campus at the boarding level. Due to this, the recruitment process of the company was affected due to Covid-19 from January to May. According to the Infosys company, at least 16 thousand freshers are to be recruited from 1500 campuses.