Good news: Bandhan Bank shows strength in the fourth quarter, up 21% year-on-year

Amid fears of a second wave of coronavirus, Bandhan Bank’s decision to invest has proved to be right for investors. Bandhan Bank has not only been able to maintain its business growth in the March quarter but it has also received reparations from 96 per cent of its customers.

The bank’s loan book grew by 21 percent year-on-year in the March quarter, while the bank’s loan book grew by 8.5 percent on a quarterly basis. Bandhan Bank has achieved this success after the growing threat of Corona and the chaos of the State Election.

The analyst says that this is a sign of the bank’s ability to remain firmly frozen in challenging times. Please tell that during the election season, the mathematics of loan repayment is often messed up. Many borrowers stop both the work of taking loans and repaying loans in the hope of debt waiver if the new government and the system changes.

Explain that the main business of Bandhan Bank is microfinance. There has also been a good improvement in the collection of the bank during this period. The collection of microfinance loans has been around 95 percent during this period, while the collection of non-micro loans has been at 98 percent. This will further boost the confidence of investors in the bank.

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