Gold Price Today: Gold price rises, price rises by Rs 4000 in 2 months, quickly check today’s rate

Gold Price Today (Gold Price Today) With the commencement of the wedding season, once again the emphasis has started gaining momentum. If seen, gold has become expensive by Rs 4000 in the last two months. The rate of gold in February was Rs 45,600 per 10 grams, which has now crossed Rs 48,000.

For the past two days, the prices of gold in Indian markets are going up. At present, there has been a slight decline in the price of gold today. In such a situation, if you are going to buy gold, then check today’s rates before that. Please tell that in August 2020, gold reached its all time high of 56 thousand 200 rupees.

In the bullion market today, the gold price recorded a slight decline after a two-day rise. On Thursday, gold futures on MCX fell by 0.04%. The new price of gold has now reached Rs 48,210 per 10 grams.

There was a downward trend in silver prices also today. Silver futures are trading at Rs 70,304 per kg in the bullion market on Thursday, down 0.05%.

The corona threat in India is increasing once again. Meanwhile, the trend of investors is again seen to be turning towards gold which is considered a safe investment, due to which the prices of gold have also been seen increasing in the last few days. Experts say that many factories are supporting the boom of gold, due to which the gold boom can remain in the coming days.

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