Global supplies again acquire restrictions // Monitoring of world trade

Since October last year, the G20 countries have again increased the number of trade restrictions – according to the World Trade Organization, in just seven months by mid-May, 53 such measures were taken (in the previous period – 14). 18 measures affected imports – mainly an increase in duties, 35 restrictions – exports of products (mainly the introduction of quotas). In total, these measures affect supplies in the amount of $18.2 billion (0.14% of G20 imports). In turn, 97 new measures were approved to facilitate trade, affecting imports worth $581.5 billion (4.31% of the total), most of them related to facilitating the import of fuel, equipment and organic chemicals. The share of imports subject to restrictions, however, continued to grow – at the end of 2021 it amounted to 10.9% against 10.4% a year earlier (see chart). Separately, the WTO assessed the impact of trade measures introduced in connection with the conflict in Ukraine . In total, nine G20 countries introduced 43 measures aimed at restricting trade with the Russian Federation (another 36 measures were introduced in the service sector) … .

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