Global drought and famine were the main reasons for the decline of the economy of East Africa

© Dong Jianghui XinHua / globallookpress
© Dong Jianghui XinHua / globallookpress

Nairobi, 26 September. East Africa is in a complex crisis. According to the forecast of experts, the drought and subsequent famine will lead to a recession in the region’s economies.

Employees of the international company Deloitte prepared a report in which they analyzed the parameters of such states as Kenya, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Uganda and Rwanda. The study found that the region’s gross domestic product (GDP) has been heavily impacted by climate change and disruptions in food production. Inflation in the countries represented is expected to rise to 8.6% in 2022 from 7.7% in 2021.

Economists also noted that Western sanctions imposed against Moscow against the backdrop of political events have exacerbated the situation in Africa east of the Nile. Disruptions in supply chains and restrictions on the export of Russian agricultural products have negatively affected the economic performance of countries in the region.

Earlier, inflation in Ghana broke a 20-year record, standing at 34% since 2001. The government of the country appealed to the population with a request not to riot and to remain calm amid the unstable situation.

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