Germany’s RWE sues Gazprom for short supply via Nord Stream

FBA “Economy Today”

The German energy giant RWE has initiated arbitration proceedings against Gazprom related to short supply of gas via the Nord Stream pipeline, Handelsblatt writes.

At the same time, RWE became the second company that went to court with a similar lawsuit. Earlier, the German holding Uniper asked to consider the issue in arbitration. In addition, Gazprom Germania, which is now called Sefe, confiscated from the Russian concern, wants to make a similar claim against Gazprom.

Gas supplies from Russia to Europe via the Nord Stream pipeline began to decline after Canada imposed sanctions against Gazprom. The Russian supplier explained then that due to the restrictions, it became impossible to service the failed gas turbine units of the line. At the end of September, pumping through the gas pipeline stopped due to the destruction of the linear part of the sea route, which was the result of powerful explosions.


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