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Germany advises residents to swim in lakes to save gas

Swimming pools in Germany may be suspended to save gas, and alternatively the Germans may use lakes. This opinion was expressed on July 25 by the head of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI) of Berlin, Jan Eder, in an interview with radio station RBB-24 Inforadio.

Eder justified his position by the fact that Germany is in an energy crisis, due to which social tension is increasing: people are worried about the shortage of blue fuel, high electricity prices and the possibility of losing their jobs.

“We really should close the pools and tell people you should jump into the lake now to save gas.”Eder said.

In addition, he called on local authorities to approve the concept in order to support the national industry.

On the same day, German Economy Minister Robert Habek said that due to the reduction in energy supplies from Russia, the country was faced with a “serious situation” in which it was threatened with a gas shortage and the need to save energy resources. According to Habek, if Germany fails to reduce gas consumption by 15-20% and fully provide critical infrastructure, including hospitals, it may face a reduction in the supply of blue fuel to industrial facilities.

On July 25, the newspaper Der Tagesspigel reported that Germany would turn off the lights at Bellevue Palace, the official residence of the German President, in order to save electricity. The representative of the head of state, Frank-Walter Steinmeier, said that the backlight would only be switched on for important visits. The rest of the time it will be limited to the level necessary for safety.

On April 21, Bild, in response to Habek’s advice on countering energy dependence on the Russian Federation, suggested that the Germans maintain hygiene using cat methods. Thus, Bild journalists ridiculed Berlin’s policy of reducing economic ties with Russia and refusing to import Russian energy resources.

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