German Henkel estimated the costs of leaving Russia and Belarus at 184 million euros

MOSCOW, 15 Aug – The German concern Henkel AG, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of household and industrial chemicals, recorded costs in the amount of 184 million euros due to the termination of activities in Russia and Belarus, follows from reporting groups.

“In light of the planned shutdown of operations of all our operations in Russia and Belarus, as well as due to the war and related sanctions, we record costs of 184 million euros,” Henkel said.

In particular, this amount includes costs associated with a reputation (88 million euros), trademarks (almost 15 million euros), as well as property and equipment (82 million euros).

In early March, Henkel announced a freeze on new investments in Russia, and in mid-April, the group announced its decision to withdraw from business in Russia. In addition, at the end of April, the concern announced the termination of its activities in Belarus.

The Henkel group of companies is one of the largest European chemical concerns producing household chemicals, cosmetics, and construction products. The company’s staff exceeds 52 thousand people.

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