German companies set up a consortium for the application of quantum technologies

Ten German companies, including the automakers BMW and Volkswagen, the industrial conglomerate Siemens and the chemical company BASF, have announced the creation of the Quantum Technologies and Applications Consortium (QUTAC). The purpose of the consortium is further developments in the field of quantum computing and, which, in the opinion of its founders, is especially important, their practical application in industry.

In addition to the listed companies, pharmaceutical companies Boehringer Ingelheim and Merck, industrial concern Bosch, semiconductor manufacturer Infineon, insurance company Munich Re and software developer SAP took part in the creation of QUTAC. In this case, quantum technologies are not dealt with by technology corporations, but by industrial companies from different sectors that want to start applying these technologies in their fields.

In addition, the creators of QUTAC emphasize the importance of the development of quantum technologies in Germany and Europe in general. “Germany and Europe need a strong quantum computing ecosystem to stay at the forefront of technology and remain competitive in the world. With QUTAC, we are laying the foundation for a successful ecosystem that will enable us to make the best use of the great potential of quantum computing, ”said BMW CEO Oliver Zipse in connection with the consortium.

According to the German media, citing sources, the initiative to create QUTAC belongs to German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who made such a proposal to the heads of the companies.

Yana Rozhdestvenskaya

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