GC “Region” bought the eighth NPF

The investment company (IC) “Leningradskoe adagio” on May 27 closed the deal on the acquisition of the NPF “Defense Industrial Fund. V. V. Livanov “. This was told to Kommersant by a source close to one of the funds owned by the IC, and confirmed in the pension division of the Region Group of Companies (GC). Leningradskoe adagio belongs to IK Region (part of the GC) and its majority shareholder Sergei Sudarikov.

At the end of April 2021, the pension savings in the OPF exceeded 6 billion rubles, the number of insured persons – 55.4 thousand people. The volume of pension reserves amounted to 2.3 billion rubles, the number of participants in NGO programs reached 12.9 thousand people. Before the purchase of the fund, its shareholders were Olga Lapina (79.9%), Sukhoi (11.9%), Il (4.8%), Geofizika-NV (2.3%) and the State Research Institute instrumentation (1.1%).

As a result of the transaction, the eighth fund entered the pension division of the Region Group, which is being formed together with the Rossium concern. Earlier this year, the investment company acquired the NPF Safmar (now – Decent Future and Bolshoi. Last year, the Rossium concern acquired the UMMC-Perspektiva fund.

Previously, the pension division included NPF Future, Evolution, Telecom-Union and Federation. In addition, the Evolution holding company, which is close to the Region Group, and its majority shareholder Alexei Inkin, owns the NPF Tradition.

It is planned that “Region” and “Rossium” will combine most of the pension assets by the end of this year, resulting in the creation of the largest NPF with assets exceeding 900 billion rubles. NPF Telecom-Soyuz and Federation may not get into the first stage of the merger, said earlier the curator of the pension business of the Group of Companies Galina Morozova.

Read more about the sale of the “Defense Industrial Fund named after V. V. Livanov “read in the publication” Kommersant “.

Ilya Usov

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