Gazprom’s Nord Stream 2 partner advised Kiev to provide good transit conditions

Ukraine should offer Gazprom attractive terms for gas transit to Europe, and not try to hinder the construction of the Nord Stream-2 pipeline, said Rainer Seele, head of the Austrian energy corporation OMV. OMV is a partner of Gazprom in the implementation of Nord Stream 2.

“Make an attractive offer, and if you offer Gazprom transit capacities on good terms, it will certainly consider it. Do you understand? You cannot win the competition without engaging in the struggle, “said Mr. Seele on the air of the Russia 1 channel (quoted by RIA Novosti).

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy is convinced that Nord Stream 2 threatens the energy security of Ukraine and Europe. The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry said it would fight against the implementation of the gas pipeline project. The Russian Foreign Ministry replied that the Russian Federation will continue to supply its gas through Ukraine. The Kremlin also noted that it does not plan to abandon gas transit through Ukraine.

On June 4, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced the completion of the laying of the first string of Nord Stream 2. It can start shipping in about ten days. The second line will be completed within one and a half to two months.

Details – in the publication of “Kommersant” “Vladimir Putin announced the completion of the first string of Nord Stream 2”.

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