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Gauguin Solntsev was offered to host the Tonight program instead of Tsiskaridze

Moscow Agency
Moscow Agency

The scandalous showman and actor Gauguin Solntsev said that he was offered to take the place of the host of the Tonight program, Nikolai Tsiskaridze.

If you believe the showman, the leadership of Channel One is not entirely satisfied with the work of the ballet dancer. Solntsev said that Tsiskaridze was already looking for a replacement and even announced a casting for the host of Tonight.

The actor admitted that he was one of the first to receive an invitation, but he was offered to broadcast in tandem with his ex-wife Ekaterina Tereshkovich.

“Yesterday they called, they invited the hosts of the Tonight program to the casting. They want to replace Tsiskaridze from the new TV season – from September. I was offered to try out in tandem with Tereshkovich, ”Solntsev told the PROZVEZD portal.

However, the showman was not happy with this prospect. According to him, if people like the elderly Tereshkovich are leading, then nothing good will be shown on TV. Solntsev spoke about the stupidity of his ex-wife and called her “a victim of anorexia.”

“Then they will accuse me that I probably paid someone extra so that the old woman was consistently played once a week in the circle of Soviet actors and singers. Without her, I can take part in the tests, but with her – never! They promised to think and call back, ”added the showman.

While Solntsev builds his career and rests in Sochi, his mother is in intensive care. The woman’s leg was amputated, but the scandalous artist is in no hurry to interrupt his vacation.



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