Garbage chutes will disappear in residential buildings

The government approved a roadmap for the introduction of a separate collection of municipal solid waste. This was reported by the apparatus of Deputy Chairman of the Government Victoria Abramchenko.

The roadmap includes the development of changes to building codes. In particular, the rejection of garbage chutes in multi-apartment buildings under construction, as well as the preparation of proposals for the management of food waste in residential buildings to increase their level of utilization, up to the elaboration of the issue of installing food waste grinders in residential buildings.

“Large-scale plans for housing construction should be implemented taking into account the new environmental reality. It is impossible to plan separate waste collection everywhere, implying a garbage chute in the designed apartment buildings. We must provide a systematic and integrated approach to building the industry – ROP, Federal scheme, separate collection plans, the turnover of secondary resources is all parts of a single system that is directly related to business processes and the activities of participants in the entire chain of MSW management, ”said the Deputy Prime Minister.

In addition, it is planned to introduce into the legislation the concepts of “municipal solid waste”, “secondary resources”, as well as the definition of mechanisms for their treatment.

Another big block is the promotion of recycling, including with the application of tax benefits. The activity of accepting secondary resources from consumers should be exempted from VAT and income tax, exempted individuals from paying personal income tax when returning secondary resources. It is also proposed to reduce the population’s fee for waste accumulated separately in containers for separate waste collection. “RG” has already written about this.

In addition, the entire chain of collection and movement of secondary resources will be included in the federal scheme. The final goal, according to the Deputy Prime Minister, is to increase the amount of secondary resources allocated for recycling and increase the economic efficiency of the waste management system: on the one hand for business, on the other – to reduce citizens’ payments. The implementation of the proposed measures will be effective if the accounting of the turnover of secondary resources is adjusted.

For this, information on the procurers and regional operators collecting secondary resources should be entered into the state information system for accounting for municipal solid waste and the federal scheme for the management of municipal solid waste; places of collecting secondary resources; volumes of secondary resources handed over by consumers and volumes of secondary resources allocated for processing and disposal, volume of secondary resources involved in circulation after disposal.

All measures and changes will be worked out during the implementation of the road map with the involvement of relevant departments, administrations of entities, representatives of relevant associations and businesses.

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