FT: Deutsche Bahn employees tried unsuccessfully to draw attention to abuses of company management

According to an investigation by the Financial Times, two employees of the German railway operator Deutsche Bahn have repeatedly tried to draw attention to the abuse by some high-ranking managers, but to no avail. Back in 2016, employees reported to Deutsche Bahn’s internal control department about suspicions of embezzlement of corporate funds. But when an internal investigation was launched, one of the informants was fired, and the other stopped cooperating with the auditors, fearing the consequences. According to the FT, the embezzlement took place within the framework of the already scandalous project “Stuttgart-21”, during which a large-scale reconstruction of the Stuttgart railway junction is being carried out. The project was announced back in the mid-1990s, work on it began in the late 2000s, the completion of the work was planned for 2019, but then the dates were postponed to 2025. The cost of the project has also increased several times – from the initial € 2.5 billion to € 8.2 billion. The publication notes….

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