French authorities accused Renault and Volkswagen of concealing emission data

The French authorities have filed charges in the case of concealing data on the real level of harmful emissions from cars (“dieselgate”) at once to two automakers – Renault and Volkswagen, reports Le Figaro.

On Tuesday, it became known that charges of “deception” were brought against the French company as part of an investigation that has been ongoing since 2017. Then the Treasury Department instructed the General Directorate of Competition, Consumers and the Fight against Fraud (DGCCRF) to study the operation of diesel engines of a dozen car brands for the possible installation of special software that hides the real level of harmful emissions of the car. In 2015, the American authorities caught the German manufacturer Volkswagen in such frauds, which caused large-scale inspections of car manufacturers in many countries of the world.

Renault denied the accusations: “We have never had any fraudulent plans, and Renault’s engines have never had software to falsify data,” said the technical director of the automaker Gilles Le Born. In this case, the company will have to pay a deposit of € 20 million and provide bank guarantees in the amount of € 60 million.

Today it became known about the charges brought against Volkswagen. The German manufacturer is accused by the French authorities of “deceiving about the essential qualities of the product that pose a danger to human or animal health.” The company must post a bail of € 10 million with bank backing of € 60 million. Volkswagen, like Renault, denied all charges.

Dieselgate has already cost Volkswagen more than € 30 billion – and this is only as a result of court decisions in the United States and Germany. The trial in this case in France was postponed due to the parallel proceedings of Volkswagen in the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJUE), which only at the end of 2020 confirmed the illegality of the software installed on Volkswagen diesel engines.

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