Fraudsters began to send SMS with a proposal to resolve the issue with the army

The Russians began to receive SMS messages with a proposal to “settle the issue” with the army, Izvestia was told on September 23 at Pro32, a cybersecurity company.

“The deception is based on the version of connections with the military registration and enlistment office or guarantees of professional legal assistance. If the victim believed the scammers, then the latter appoint the amount and hide with the money, ”the company’s press service said.

There is a growing demand on the black market for information about men of military or military age and their family members, security experts say. A few days ago, phone scammers worked on databases of applicants or mortgage lenders, and today they are starting to develop new schemes in accordance with the news background.

There will be more and more calls, e-mails and announcements on the Internet with guarantees not to receive a summons in the near future, according to Pro32.

According to the new scenario, the scammers notify the interlocutor of the subpoena, threaten with punishment for not appearing at the military registration and enlistment office, or offer to resolve the issue with a delay for money. The legends of attackers are varied and often implausible: for example, women may receive calls about their husbands, sons, grandchildren, nephews, who are clearly not subject to mobilization. Or send messages that the relative is “already at the collection point.”

Attackers can use number spoofing and disguise calls and messages as various phones of official authorities – departments of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, administrations, military commissariats, a source close to one of the mobile operators told Izvestia.

“The main goal of such fraud is to fraudulently obtain money from people or take possession of personal data,” explained Dmitry Petushkov, director of development at Makves.

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“They are stirring up diversions: scammers are sending SMS with a proposal to resolve the issue with the army”

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