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France and Australia announced the creation of new defense projects


France and Australia announced the creation of new defense projects

France and Australia reaffirm their solidarity with Ukraine in the context of Russian military aggression, and also announce the creation of new joint defense projects.

This is stated in joint communiquéposted on the website of the Elysee Palace following the meeting of French President Emmanuel Macron and Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese in Paris.

“We condemn Russia’s illegal invasion of Ukraine and recall our solidarity with the government and people of Ukraine. We agreed to continue to stand together in defense of an international order based on the rule of law and the integrity of international law, which is necessary for our common security and prosperity both in Europe and in the Indo-Pacific region,” the communiqué says.

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“Due to the implications of Russian aggression on food security, Australia will support the FARM (Food and Agricultural Resilience Mission) initiative launched by France, including by continuing to fund the Agricultural Market Information System, which plays a key role in the transmission of data on the supply of basic food products “, the message says.

It is also noted that France and Australia will form a new defense relationship. Countries will strengthen cooperation and exchange of information regarding common security interests, in particular through operational interaction and intelligence sharing.

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They also plan to actively participate in regional forums and intensify security cooperation with the Pacific, in particular on maritime surveillance, together with regional agencies, and in the Indian Ocean, including in cooperation with India.

It is noted that countries will support mutual deployments and conduct more common maritime activities in the service of an international order based on the rule of law. They will also consider initiatives to deepen and promote better mutual access to their defense facilities, building on long-standing mutual logistical support agreements.

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Also, the countries will explore initiatives to increase cooperation between their industries in order to support and empower their respective defense forces.

“We will explore prospects for cooperation on strategic space issues, such as space intelligence, to promote a safe, stable and secure outer space, and to ensure freedom of access and action in space,” the communiqué said.

In addition, France and Australia said they will strengthen cooperation in the field of combating terrorism and violent extremism, and will also explore new areas of cooperation to increase resilience in the field of cybernetics, critical technologies and critical infrastructure.

As Ukrinform reported, Australia, like France, provides military assistance to Ukraine in opposition to Russian aggression.

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