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Fox News viewers criticize US Vice President for words about gender


Fox News viewers in the comments to the publication of the TV channel on Twitter criticized the words of US Vice President Kamala Harris about her gender, personal pronouns and clothes.

The day before, during a White House meeting dedicated to the topic of abortion, Harris said that she is “a woman sitting at a table in a blue suit,” and her pronouns are “she” and “her.”

“How glad I am that she took the time to tell us what we kind of already knew. The administration must have coped with inflation, recession, drug trafficking, the crisis at the border, problems in education and women’s sports, ”said the viewer Neil Massong.

“Sounds like it’s her first day of kindergarten. “My name is Susie and I wear a red shirt,” Twitter user Dee Williams joked.

“Maybe she should have said, ‘I’m a black woman, and that’s the only reason I’m vice president and I’m having this meeting,'” commentator Tom Castele opined.

Earlier in the day, Senator Alexei Pushkov reacted to Harris’ words. He explained that the vice president of the United States drew attention to her gender in order “to not be identified with one of the countless genders that have bred in the past 20 years in the United States – from the so-called queer to absolutely fabulous creatures.”

According to Pushkov, this is the most intelligible statement for the entire period of her vice presidency.

Prior to that, on July 24, former US President Donald Trump said that there are only two genders in the world – female and male. He criticized the country’s current gender policy.

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