Fox News pointed to massive buying by Chinese companies of American lands

Chinese firms associated with the PRC establishment have recently been buying up agricultural land in the United States en masse, often in close proximity to secret military installations. This was pointed out by Fox News columnist Sarah Carter on July 26. The video is available on YouTube hosting.

“For example, in 2021, a former Chinese military official purchased 130,000 acres of land right here in Del Rio, Texas, along the border with Mexico. This site is located very close to Laughlin Air Force Base. Even more than that, it surrounds this secret air base, ”said Carter.

If in 2019 the Chinese owned about 192 thousand acres (approximately 77.7 thousand hectares – Ed.) in the United States, then recently the area has increased significantly. A situation similar to that in Texas is also observed in North Dakota, and the towers of the Chinese company Huawei, according to Carter, could block the operation of nuclear launchers.

On July 28, US President Joe Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping began telephone conversations.

On July 27, Bloomberg reported on the upcoming telephone conversations between Biden and Xi Jinping. Then the coordinator for strategic communications at the White House National Security Council, John Kirby, said that Biden during the conversation plans to discuss with Xi Jinping, including the situation around Ukraine and the situation in the Indo-Pacific region.

Biden himself spoke of his intention to have a telephone conversation with Xi Jinping as early as July 20 during a business visit to Massachusetts. Then it was noted that a likely topic of discussion should be the abolition of increased tariffs on most exports from China, introduced during the time of former President Donald Trump, which should help the United States reduce inflation in the country.

According to Asian experts, such a move will have a positive impact on the economic situation and will normalize trade relations between the US and China.

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