Fox News host says Americans have been stripped of their right to elect the president

Secret document scandals deprive Americans of the right to elect their own candidates in presidential elections. This was announced on January 16 by Fox News host Tucker Carlson.

In his column, he spoke in detail about the scandalous situations that have occurred in recent months with the current US President Joe Biden and his predecessor Donald Trump, in whose homes secret documents were found.

After analyzing what happened, Carlson came to the conclusion that both politicians were victims of the highest bureaucracy, manipulating accusations against them. In this regard, US citizens may lose the right to vote for candidates who until recently seemed to be mandatory participants in the presidential race.

“People who never leave Washington, and who actually run the government, do not have the right to decide, because this is not a democracy. It’s something much darker. The two main presidential candidates are currently under independent investigation. Thus, voters no longer decide anything. Those people who actually run the government decide,” the journalist said.

Prior to that, on January 12, Carlson predicted the end of his career and reputation for President Biden because of the secret documents found on him. The journalist pointed out that the assistants to the head of state still continue to find documents left by him in various places. But instead of destroying the evidence, they send documents to the US Department of Justice.

About 10 classified materials were discovered in Biden’s office, which were stored together with papers that did not contain classified data, it became known on January 9. Later, presidential aides discovered another batch of documents. On Jan. 10, Biden said he was unaware of the presence of classified documents in his largely unsecured office at the Penn Biden Center think tank during his vice presidency. The American leader was surprised by this find.

Previously, on August 8, 2022, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) raided Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida amid a Justice Department investigation that he stole official presidential papers from the Palm Beach estate. The search warrant was approved by the US Department of Justice.

The FBI seized almost a hundred documents of various levels of secrecy from Trump. It was also reported that the search at the Trump estate was carried out under articles on the illegal use of defense information, theft and destruction of documents. The declassified search warrant says that the former head of state is suspected of violating the law on espionage.

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