“Fortresses” to protect the body: why the lymph nodes become inflamed

There are many lymph nodes in the human body. These are a kind of “fortress” that protect the body from viruses and bacteria. They produce lymphocytes – “soldiers of immunity”. What does the increase in lymph nodes testify to and what to do if you notice such a symptom in yourself, said the doctor and TV presenter Alexander Myasnikov in the Doctor Myasnikov program on the Russia 1 TV channel. All episodes of the program are available on the Let’s Watch media platform.

Lymph nodes are located in different places: on the back of the head, armpits, in the groin area. There are submandibular and supraclavicular lymph nodes. They can be felt. In children, they are usually larger than in adults – 1.5-2 centimeters in diameter versus 1 centimeter.

“It should be soft and mobile. The knot should roll like this with your fingers and be practically painless. If it is large, if it is hard and if it is soldered (…) – this can be a problem,” Myasnikov said.

Inflammation of a node indicates problems in different body systems.

“The lymph node is not just in itself, because the fortress does not just protect the area, it protects the roads. If it is under the armpit, then where is the road from? the groin will protect the entire genital area and legs. The neck is teeth, ears,” the expert continued. “If you have an enlarged node in the supraclavicular region, it is almost always bad. The left node is the abdomen, the pelvis, the right node is the chest.” .

The lymph node increases with the spread of infection. Inflammation of nodes in different areas indicates the presence of various diseases, it is typical for tuberculosis, HIV and AIDS, mononucleosis. Also, the cause of inflammation of the nodes can be an oncological disease. Another disease that inflammation of the lymph nodes may indicate is bartonellosis, which can be caught if you are bitten or scratched by a cat. At the same time, as Myasnikov noted, with an infectious disease, the nodes hurt if they are probed, with oncology they do not hurt, but they feel hard.

The use of a number of drugs, for example, anticonvulsants, can cause an increase in lymph nodes. And women can face this if they put breast implants.

With an increase in lymph nodes, the doctor prescribes a number of tests, but first a general blood test is done. Dr. Myasnikov warned that it is impossible to warm up the knots.


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