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Former Chairman of the Board "Diamantbank" will stand trial for embezzlement of 20 million


Former Chairman of the Board

The case of the former chairman of the board of “Diamantbank” on the embezzlement of UAH 20 million was submitted to the court.

According to Ukrinform, the Kyiv city prosecutor’s office reports this in Telegram.

The Darnytsia District Prosecutor’s Office of Kyiv filed an indictment against the former chairman of the board of the public joint-stock company Diamantbank for embezzlement of other people’s property on an especially large scale, in the interests of third parties (part 5 of article 191 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine).

According to the materials of the investigation, being in the position of the chairman of the board of the bank, the accused contributed to making a decision and issuing credit funds to a business entity secured by property rights, which, as it turned out, were fictitious and unable to cover the amount of the loan.

After the termination of payment under the loan agreement, the bank applied to the court to recover from the borrower the loan funds, as well as other payments and penalties. However, having received a positive court decision, the bank refused to execute the court decision and, with the assistance of the chairman of the board, made a decision on the hopelessness of the said loan and its subsequent write-off.

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As a result of such a decision, the debtor avoided the obligation to return the received loan to the bank and pay penalties for non-payment of loan payments within the period established by the agreement for a total amount of more than UAH 20 million.

The specified damage is confirmed by examinations.

The pre-trial investigation against other officials of the bank on the facts of unjustified issuance of loans continues.

As Ukrinform reported, in June 2017, the liquidation process of Diamantbank PJSC began and a temporary administration was introduced. One of the grounds for classifying the bank as insolvent and initiating bankruptcy proceedings was the bank’s insolvency to fulfill its obligations to depositors and other creditors.

In August 2021, law enforcement officers reported suspicions to the ex-chairman of the board of Diamantbank of embezzlement of UAH 20 million.

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