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Foreign Policy called Orban Russia’s “Trojan horse” in the EU

Foreign Policy magazine called Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban Russia’s “Trojan horse” in Europe. This is stated in an article published on August 3.

“Orban’s far-right sentiments have now become apparent to the whole world. Of more serious concern in recent days was the fact that Hungary continued to bring water to Moscow. Last week, the 27 EU members agreed to a voluntary 15% reduction in gas use. The only opponent, of course, was Orban, who called the move “another step towards a war economy,” the newspaper writes.

According to journalist Amanda Coakley, Orban is cautious about direct criticism of the Kremlin and objects to sanctions on Russian energy. The publication also notes his role in destabilizing the European Union.

The interviewed analysts explain this behavior of the Hungarian politician both by dependence on Russian energy carriers and by his orientation towards the Russian state model in shaping the political course in the country.

On August 4, Orban said that the future of the West was a big question mark. He noted that the actions of the ruling class have led to a deep internal crisis, which Western countries have not faced for a long time.

On July 29, Orban said that the West’s strategy of crushing the consequences for Russia from EU sanctions did not work. The sanctions have not shaken Moscow, while four governments have already resigned in Europe, the prime minister said. He noted that Europe needs a new strategy in the Ukrainian conflict, aimed at peace.

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