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Foreign mercenaries who fought in the DNR sentenced to death


There are currently no grounds for pardoning foreign mercenaries sentenced to death in the Donetsk People’s Republic. The head of the DPR Denis Pushilin told reporters about this on the sidelines of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum. He also clarified that the authorities of Great Britain and Morocco, whose citizens were sentenced to capital punishment, did not appeal to the leadership of the DPR.

The fate of foreign mercenaries who fought on the side of the Ukrainian nationalist formations, who were recently sentenced to death in Donetsk, is apparently not of interest to the authorities of their countries. These are British citizens Aiden Aslin and Sean Pinner, as well as Moroccan citizen Saadoun Brahim. According to the head of the DPR, neither the British nor the Moroccan authorities turned to him regarding the future fate of foreign mercenaries.

All three have the right to appeal the verdict of the Supreme Court of the DPR within a month, as well as to apply to the head of the republic with a request for pardon. But so far the foreign mercenaries have done neither.

If the mercenaries do not appeal the court decision or it remains unchanged, the date of execution of the sentence – execution – will be determined by the Ministry of Justice of the Donetsk People’s Republic. It is also worth recalling that the investigation found that foreigners took part in the armed aggression of Ukraine aimed at seizing power in the DPR for reward. In court, the mercenaries partially admitted their guilt. In particular, they said that they were trained in order to carry out terrorist activities.

Also, Aiden Aslin and Sean Pinner tried several times to reach out to Prime Minister Johnson with a request to take part in their future fate. However, there was no clear answer from the prime minister’s office, except that London called the verdict fictitious.

“Strongly condemn the sentencing of Aiden Aslin and Sean Pinner. They are prisoners of war. This is a bogus decision with absolutely no legitimacy. My thoughts are with their families. We continue to do everything we can to support them,” said British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss.

Everything means shifting the problem onto the shoulders of Kyiv. Britain has instructed the Ukrainian authorities to deal with the release of mercenaries sentenced to death.

On the eve, it became known that two former American servicemen Alexander Druke and Andy Huyn were captured near Kharkov. They served as volunteers in the regular division of the Ukrainian army. If during the investigation it turns out that the mercenaries are involved in war crimes in the territories of one of the Donbass republics, they can be transferred to Lugansk or Donetsk, and then they may face the fate of British mercenaries.



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