Forecasters predicted hot weather and a thunderstorm in Moscow on July 11

Partly cloudy, intermittent rain and thunderstorms are expected in the capital region on Monday, July 11. The weather is reported on the website of the Hydrometeorological Center of Russia.

During the day in Moscow the air is expected to reach +31…+33 degrees, at night the thermometers will drop to +18…+20 degrees.

A southeasterly wind is forecast at a speed of 5–10 m/s during the day with gusts up to 12–17 m/s. At night, a south wind will blow in Moscow at a speed of 5–10 m/s.

Atmospheric pressure will be 743-744 mm Hg.

On July 10, the head of the Meteo prognostic center, Alexander Shuvalov, said that on Monday, July 11, +30 … +32 degrees are expected in Moscow. According to him, the hot weather will last until Tuesday.

According to him, on Monday from the second half of the day there is a high probability of thunderstorms and increased winds.

Earlier that day, the Ministry of Emergency Situations warned that on July 11, intense heat is expected in Moscow with daytime air temperatures up to +33 degrees.

Rescuers advise not to swim in unfamiliar places, not to rest on the water alone and not to enter the water while intoxicated.

Also on Sunday, Andrey Tyazhelnikov, chief freelance specialist in primary health care for the Moscow Department of Health, said that you can cool a room without an air conditioner in the heat with a basin of cold water and ice.

According to him, an alternative to air conditioning can be a fan.

On July 4, cardiologist, therapist and functional diagnostics doctor Andrey Kondrakhin noted the need to drink as much water as possible to avoid heat stroke. At the same time, he noted that water should be drunk in small sips throughout the time a person is on the street.

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