Forecaster spoke about the weather in the European part of Russia at the weekend

By the beginning of next week, Russians in the European part of the country should expect zero temperatures and light sleet, Alexander Shuvalov, head of the METEO prognostic center, told Izvestia on January 12.

“Atmospheric processes are being restructured now, and the anticyclone that brought this cold weather has moved far to the east. In the near future, air masses will come from the southwest and south, so the temperature will rise by Sunday and Monday, ”the specialist said.

Shuvalov predicted the preservation of “such mild weather with an excess of the norm by 4-5 degrees” until January 18.

In addition, the forecaster expressed 70% confidence that the same weather would continue on January 19, “but there may still be a slight drop in temperature.”

“Such severe frosts as at Christmas are not expected, maybe there will even be a thaw,” Shuvalov concluded.

Chief Specialist IA “Meteonovosti” Tatyana Pozdnyakova called the cause of warming in the Moscow region by January 15, the displacement of the anticyclone. On the night of January 14, on the old New Year, snow and light frost are expected in the city. Daytime air temperature will be -1 … -3 degrees.

Forecasters called this winter “hysterical”. Before the New Year, it rained in the capital, then a harsh winter came in a couple of days, and now sharp warming is expected again, up to positive indicators.

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