Forecast at the ruble exchange rate: a dollar at 100 by the end of the year

Alor Broker chief analyst Alexei Antonov said that by the end of 2020, the exchange rate of the Russian currency could fall to 90-100 rubles per dollar. They write about it “News”.

According to Antonov, this could happen due to falling oil prices and a weakening economy against the backdrop of a pandemic. Antonov believes that now is a good time to buy currency.

Gazprombank analysts disagree with him. Their report (available to Izvestia) said that in June the dollar could fall in price to 67–67.35 rubles. In their opinion, if this happens, later the Russian currency may strengthen up to 60 rubles per dollar.
The leading analyst at Otkritie Broker, Andrei Kochetkov, said that the dollar will become even cheaper if oil costs $ 50-60 and the global economy moves quickly from a pandemic.
According to Rambler, earlier the dollar fell below 69 rubles for the first time since March 6. Analysts attributed this to higher oil prices, lower Central Bank rates, lower imports and lower demand for foreign currency.
The economist of BCS Premier Anton Pokatovich declared owned by Grigory Berezkin RBCthat in the near future the ruble will continue to moderately strengthen, but not higher than 67–68 rubles per dollar.
Raiffeisenbank analysts forecast a rise in the dollar to 74 rubles in the third quarter and a return to 72 rubles at the end of the year if oil is traded at $ 40 per barrel. Renaissance Capital maintains its basic forecast of 76 rubles on average for 2020.

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source: rambler

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