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For the first time, a female crew will take part in the parade on the Day of the Russian Navy

The dress rehearsal of the main naval parade, which will take place on the Day of the Navy, took place in the waters of the Neva. Dozens of warships, boats and submarines passed along the river.

Ships to the main naval parade arrive from all over the country. For example, an anti-sabotage boat from Tatarstan is in service with the Caspian Flotilla. To pass along the Neva, he overcame more than 2.5 thousand km and 56 locks.

In addition, a special patrol boat with an all-female crew will participate in the parade, which is the first time in the history of the parade. The corvette “Mercury” is also presented – the first Russian ship built entirely using stealth technology.

“I really wanted to get here, I tried with all my might to become a sailor, thank God I’m here,” said Alexander Semyonov, sailor of the Yaroslav the Wise patrol ship.

The Navy Day parade will take place on Sunday, July 31st. 17 ships and boats will pass along the river in parade formation. Immediately after the water part in the sky over St. Petersburg, you can see naval aviation – more than 40 aircraft and helicopters. In the final, the Russian tricolor will appear among the clouds.

According to tradition, guests from all over the country come to St. Petersburg to witness this holiday.

A day earlier it became known that the brig “Russia” will take part in the parade in St. Petersburg – it will be in the stationary part of the parade. At the same time, Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the Navy Vladimir Kasatonov kept the color of his sails a secret.

On July 19, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said that Russian President Vladimir Putin plans to attend the main naval parade in St. Petersburg on July 31.

In 2021, the parade was held without spectators due to the risk of the spread of coronavirus infection. Among the equipment, the Marshal Ustinov missile cruiser, the Admiral Kasatonov frigate, the Vice-Admiral Kulakov large anti-submarine ship, the Thundering and Stoyky corvettes, the Pyotr Morgunov and Minsk large landing ships, mine countermeasures defense “Alexander Obukhov” and “Vladimir Emelyanov” and others.

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