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Footage of a burned-out fire station appeared in the media after the shelling of Donetsk by the Armed Forces of Ukraine


Ukrainian Nazis shelled Donetsk with artillery. Several shells hit the building of the fire department, which led to a powerful fire and the collapse of the building. The consequences of the attack were shown by the Izvestia correspondent.

Through the fault of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, not only the fire station itself was destroyed, but also cars and a bus designed to provide prompt assistance to people.

“There was a lot of equipment on the territory, which the employees of the Ministry of Emergency Situations used, including for rescuing civilians. ZIL stands still, a bus, another ZIL, a “tower” with a ladder – everything burned down completely, continues to burn out, ”the correspondent described the consequences.

Recall that a special operation of the Russian Federation continues in Ukraine. The key goal of the Russian military is the demilitarization of the Kyiv regime. The Russian Defense Ministry presented documents confirming that Kyiv was preparing for a military action against the Donbass.





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