Flare Network partners with Oracle Daemon

Flare Network partners with Oracle Daemon

Decentralized Layer 1 Blockchain Flare Network announced a strategic partnership with Oracle Daemon, a group of talented developers working on decentralized solutions and blockchain projects. The collaboration aims to leverage the expertise of the Oracle Daemon developers to create a set of useful tools that will improve the user experience on the Flare network, the team said in a statement released Monday.

Flare Network is a layer 1 blockchain protocol that provides developers and users with a trustless and decentralized data oracle at scale.

“We have built on Flare from the beginning, and through this collaboration, we will develop a number of important new tools that will benefit the growing network,” said David Pangerl, CEO and Founder of Oracle Daemon.

The Oracle Daemon team will have three main responsibilities in developing the Flayer Layer 1 network. First, the multi-wallet management tool will improve how users can view and manage their funds across multiple wallets. The tool gives users a clear view of balances and transactions across multiple wallets, helping them optimize their accounts.

Second, as part of the collaboration, the Oracle Daemon developers will create auto-request executors to improve the token request process. To save time, maximize compound interest, and avoid unnecessary exposure to a cold wallet, Flare network users can nominate a reward performer. Artists will then use automated claims to send rewards directly to the user’s account. With auto-request executors, users can claim Data Provider Rewards, Validator Rewards, FlareDrops, FTSO Delegation Rewards, and escrow unlocks directly to their accounts.

News of the auto-bid performers comes days after the fourth monthly Flare Network (FLR) community airdrop for all FLR token holders, with 6,120,632,297 WFLR eligible for the airdrop.

Last but not least, an independent development team will also create an advanced analytics tool specifically for data providers.

“I am most excited about advanced data provider analytics,” added David Pangerl. “Flare is the only blockchain focused on giving developers access to quality data at scale, so anything we can do to support and streamline the data provisioning process will benefit the entire network.”

The tool will provide data providers with valuable insights into how their data is performing and other metrics such as quality, reliability, and usage to improve the quality of data transmitted on the Flare network. Insights will help data providers optimize their capabilities and improve the performance of their models.

The latest strategic collaboration continues a longstanding relationship with Oracle Daemon, with the development team being one of the original data providers for Oracle’s Flare Time Series on the Flare and Songbird networks.

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