Finnish Minister of Commerce Skinnari urged to stop the high-speed rail project in the direction of Russia

HELSINKI, 11 Aug — Minister of Foreign Trade and Development of Finland Ville Skinnari proposed the government to stop the construction project of a high-speed railway line (HSR) in the Russian direction due to a special operation in Ukraine.

The project called Itärata (Eastern Railway) involves the construction of a high-speed line to improve communication between Helsinki and Kouvola through such cities of the capital region as Sipoo and Porvoo, with a subsequent extension to the border of the Russian Federation, and with the participation of the Russian side on its territory, the creation of a high-speed line to Petersburg and Moscow.

“It is clear that the Itärata project and the activities of its project company must be suspended,” Skinnari said in an interview with public broadcaster YLE.

He believes that funds intended for Itärata should be redirected to the construction of a railway link in other directions.

The financial obligations of the state at the initial stage amounted to a maximum of 51 percent of the total. The cost of the project is about 79 million euros, excluding VAT, the deadline for its completion was not called.

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