Financial marketplaces in the Russian Federation were allowed to issue DFA

issuance of tsfa (tokens with various collateral) in the Russian Federation

On June 14, the State Duma adopted in the third reading a law allowing financial platform operators to issue or exchange CFA. It is reported by “Interfax”.

Through such marketplaces, citizens can receive banking and insurance services, services in the securities market, as well as make transactions with financial instruments.

At the same time, financial platform operators were initially prohibited from combining their activities with the provision of services to a credit institution, with the exception of a trade organizer, depositary, registrar or investment platform operator.

The new law removes from under the ban on combining the activities of operators of the information system in which the issuance of DFA and DFA exchange operators.

Another novelty of the law allows bond issuers and persons acting on their behalf to purchase bonds through financial platforms. In addition, the regulation allows unqualified investors to buy government securities of a constituent entity of the Russian Federation without passing the test.

The law will come into force from the day of its official publication.

ForkLog previously reported on Sberbank’s plans to open CFA trading.

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