Fed is preparing a collapse of the dollar by the end of the year

Currently, the American dollar is stronger than ever, in connection with the events taking place on planet earth, all kinds of investors shift their savings into probably the only reserve world currency, which leads to its incredible strengthening.

But all kinds of analysts unanimously say that closer to the end of this year, the dollar will begin to depreciate due to colossal measures to support the economic situation in the States.

This monetary unit is currently constantly strengthening and has an index to the main world currencies of more than one hundred. For the entire first quarter of this year, it shows the best world level, and this despite the drop in stock markets in the States themselves.

A big flight to the buck hit a lot of currencies of developing countries. But here it helped that the oil collapsed in the price tag to the level of the early nineties.

Experts say that current problems will be the most severe since the Great Depression, and will greatly surpass the global collapse that happened eleven years ago.

The leaders of American banks say that in the near future their currency will continue to strengthen, but closer to the end of this year it will begin to become much cheaper.

And the reason for this is likely to be the measures taken by the US Federal Reserve to support economic sectors. But in the second and third quarter, there are opinions that US GDP will collapse as much as 50%, so I had to almost zero the interest rate.

Now investors can only rely on long-term injections and prospects, and this is becoming very interesting to few. The Fed will gradually collapse the dollar at the end of the year, because it will become just incredibly expensive, and investors will start to flee America.

A small bag of a couple of trillion dollars signed by Donald will greatly affect the whole situation, and the deficit of the world’s most powerful economy will simply triple to a record 4-5 trillion wooden dollars.

Dear friends, what do you think will be the collapse of the US economy? waiting for your opinion in the comments. thanks

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