Fateful date: historian Yevglevsky told where the Maidan led Ukraine

wikipedia.org / CC BY 2.0 / Ivan Bandura
wikipedia.org / CC BY 2.0 / Ivan Bandura

The events of nine years ago on the Maidan were needed by the West to tear Ukraine away from the Russian world. Such an opinion in a conversation with the international editors FAN shared the St. Petersburg historian and publicist Yakov Evglevsky.

November 21 is indeed a fateful date for Ukraine. Firstly, it was on this day in 2004 that the “orange revolution” actually began – the Central Election Commission announced the preliminary results of the second round of the presidential elections, which did not suit supporters Viktor Yushchenko. Secondly, exactly 9 years ago, on November 21, 2013, Euromaidan began in Kyiv, followed by a coup d’etat and a whole series of tragic events in the Donbass.

Commenting on the events of 2004, Yakov Evglevsky recalled that following the results of the second round of the presidential elections, he won Victor Yanukovich, however, this caused unrest in Kyiv. The unrest led the Supreme Court to order a third round, even though it was against the constitution and the law on presidential elections. According to the expert, the legality of this procedure remains on the conscience of the judges.

“Then Viktor Yushchenko won. I met him in Petersburg. I didn’t think he was a businessman. This is a man who wanted to break through to power by any means. <...> He did not provide any economic breakthrough. He showed that an absolutely liberal version of the economy is not suitable for Ukraine. Yushchenko boasted only that he signed contracts under the lenses of television cameras. There were no major successes. In Russia, we could conclude that there must be elements of liberalism in the economy, but absolute liberalization of the economy is unsuitable, ”said the FAN interlocutor.

In 2010, Viktor Yanukovych nevertheless became president. According to Yakov Yevglevsky, the years of his reign also did not differ in prosperity for Ukraine, but the situation in the country escalated in 2013, when the politician suspended the republic’s accession to the European Union. He did not agree with the extremely difficult economic conditions that were presented to Ukraine.

“Maidan has begun. And then it became clear that the issue was not in joining the EU, but in the fact that they want to tear Ukraine away from the Russian world. Russia then provided Ukraine with $3 billion, which we withdrew from the Irish stock exchange. The forces that wanted to tear Ukraine away from Russia and the CIS did their best to drag it to the West. Well, the events of 2004 became a “dress rehearsal” for the events of 2013-2014,” said Yakov Evglevsky.

After Yanukovych was overthrown, there was a danger that Ukraine would enter the European Union on any terms, and American and British ships would enter Sevastopol. Such prospects, the expert recalls, were unacceptable for Russia. In this regard, Moscow took measures to transfer Crimea under Russian jurisdiction and support the Russian-speaking population of Donbass.

“The events on the Maidan also became, in a certain sense, a watershed in relations between Russia and Europe. Europe would like to receive such a territory as Ukraine, with its agricultural potential, great tourism and resort potential. The West did not need an industrialized Ukraine. Of course, they needed valuable ports. And now the West perceives what is happening in Ukraine as an attack on its interests. They directly say that the victory of Russia will mean the defeat of the entire West, ”the historian stated.

Formerly political scientist Vladimir Stoyakin noted that Ukrainians can fully appreciate the charm of the “Maidan” values ​​right now. We are talking about the loss of territories, the loss of economic ties, the military confrontation with Russia and the absolute deprivation of subjectivity.


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