FAS will regulate tariffs for large refueling companies at airports

The Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) of Russia has announced that it will regulate tariffs for all major fuel filling companies (TZK) at airports. This decision was made after it became clear that some refueling complexes, in violation of the law, set tariffs themselves.

The measures taken by the department, according to the FAS, will help increase competition in the aviation fuel supply market, as well as exclude “unreasonable tariffs” for refueling aircraft and storing aviation fuel. In addition, this should have a positive effect on the cost of flights for carriers, added to the FAS.

“The need for this was shown by a joint check of the FAS Russia with territorial departments and the prosecutor’s office. It turned out that a number of fuel filling companies with signs of natural monopolies set tariffs for their services on their own, which violates the current legislation, ”the department said (quoted by TASS). What companies we are talking about is not specified.

In the order prepared by the FAS, the list of natural monopolies in the sphere of services at airports was updated, the state regulation of which is carried out by the antimonopoly department. In particular, the list included six refueling complexes operating at regional airports and one refueling complex from the Moscow region. The list also includes nine airport operators, whose passenger traffic reaches 250 thousand people a year. At the same time, organizations whose activities have been terminated and in respect of which regulation and control are not carried out were excluded from the list. Refueling complexes operating in one region will be regulated by regional executive authorities, the FAS said.

In February, air carriers complained, in particular, about high prices for kerosene at Voronezh airport. After that, the FAS ruled that Interjet Voronezh and Planeta fueling companies operating at the airport should lower the price. At the beginning of 2021, higher prices for kerosene were set in Voronezh than in all other regions of the Black Earth Region and Moscow.

Details – in the material “Kommersant-Voronezh” “Pilots complain about kerosene.”

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