Families with children will receive discounts on long-distance train tickets

The Russian government will subsidize reduced fares for families with children traveling by train. Discounts will be valid for trips in compartment wagons on long-distance trains of all categories and in any direction. The corresponding decree was signed by Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin.

According to the press service of the government, families with one or more children under 18 years old will be able to buy tickets at a discount. The program applies to independent travel and organized tours.

The reduced fare will be calculated as the difference between the price of a ticket for the selected route in a compartment and 50% of its cost in a reserved seat carriage. The difference between the regular price and the discounted price will be reimbursed to carriers by the state. More than 1.3 billion rubles will be allocated for subsidies from the budget in 2021. The decision, as explained in the government, is aimed at supporting domestic tourism.

In April, President Vladimir Putin offered to return 50% of the cost of a voucher to a children’s camp to parents. More than 9 billion rubles have already been allocated to pay the tourist cashback for summer vacations for children.

More details about the cashback program – in the publication of Kommersant, “Russians will be paid extra for the rest.”

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