Home News Export of grain from Ukraine may begin on August 1

Export of grain from Ukraine may begin on August 1

The first vessel with grain may leave the Ukrainian port on the morning of August 1. The ship is already loaded.

As official representative of the President of Turkey Ibrahim Kalin said on Sunday, two small problems remained to be solved before the evening.

Earlier, CNN Türk channel reported that the first caravan with Ukrainian grain will consist of 16 ships. On the way to Turkish territorial waters, they will be accompanied by UAVs. Staff at the Joint Coordination Center in Istanbul will also monitor the vessels using satellites. The caravan is expected to arrive at the port on 3 August.

Earlier, a memorandum between Russia and the UN was signed in Turkey, according to which work begins on lifting anti-Russian restrictions on the export of food and fertilizers.

Another agreement between Russia, Turkey, Ukraine and the UN defines the mechanism for the export of grain from Ukraine through the Black Sea.


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