Experts have linked Robinhood with the third largest number of BTC addresses

Robin Hood

Holding 26,081 BTC (~$3.09 billion), the wallet is linked to online broker Robinhood. Such data contains the analytical platform Arkham Intelligence.

Data: X.

In terms of the number of coins, the address ranks third after the wallets owned by Binance and Bitfinex, which have accumulated $6.4 billion and $4.3 billion in the first cryptocurrency.

Representatives of the platform told CoinDesk that the market maker Jump Trading provides storage of assets on behalf of the company.

Arkham discovered Robinhood affiliation after transferring 118,300 BTC from other addresses over a three-month period. The first transactions were made on March 8, after which, up to July 14, the next ones for larger amounts followed, according to BitInfoCharts.

The wallet has attracted the attention of the market in the past few months, causing various speculations regarding the identity of its owners. The community linked the address to both BlackRock and Gemini.

Recall that in the second quarter of 2023, Robinhood’s digital asset-related revenue dropped 18.5% year-on-year to $31 million. The company held $12 billion in cryptocurrencies on behalf of customers.

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