Experts have identified 28 crypto billionaires

news advertising cryptomarket, corporations
news advertising cryptomarket, corporations

As of 2023, there are six bitcoin billionaires in the world and 22 billionaires whose assets are distributed across different cryptocurrencies. This is evidenced by the report of Henley & Partners.

Analysts also identified 88,200 people who own digital assets worth over $1 million.

According to the study, the total market capitalization is $1.18 trillion. At the same time, more than 425 million users have savings in cryptocurrencies.

“Bitcoin millionaires make up approximately 46% of all crypto millionaires and only 27% of crypto billionaires. This disproportion arises mainly due to the significant investments of the original investors and founders in alternative coins, ”said a representative of Henley & Partners.

The US leads the world in terms of the number of crypto millionaires, followed by India, China, Brazil and Russia.

Experts claim that cryptocurrency represents “the pinnacle of commerce and technology over the past three decades.” They also highlighted its durability and the savings it offers for businesses.

In addition, Henley & Partners has compiled its own digital asset adoption index. Singapore, Switzerland, the United Arab Emirates, Hong Kong and the United States took the first five places.

Analysts stressed that public interest in cryptocurrencies in the United States and the UK is high, but both countries lag behind in terms of regulation and taxation.

Earlier, Bitfinex reported a decrease in the trading volume of the first cryptocurrency to the lowest level since October 2020 – the figure amounted to $423 billion. According to experts, this signals a “fall in confidence in bitcoin and the wider crypto asset sector.”

Fairlead Strategies experts point out the risks for digital gold due to the decline stochastics. The indicator has left the overbought zone, which may portend disappointment for bitcoin bulls.

Recall that analyst Michael van de Poppe predicted an increase in digital gold quotes to $50,000 in anticipation of a halving of rewards for miners.

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