Experts assessed the prospects for the Russian currency and stock markets

Federal News Agency |  Stepan Yatsko
Federal News Agency | Stepan Yatsko

Analysts believe that new sanctions against the Russian financial market may provoke a suspension of euro and dollar trading on the stock exchange. The decline in the stock market may also continue, because the potential for this has not yet been exhausted, Izvestia reports.

BCS World Investments expert Yevgeny Mironyuk believes that the introduction of new sanctions against the financial infrastructure of the Russian Federation cannot be ruled out. The West can add the National Clearing Center and new banks to the US SDN list, completely ban SWIFT transfers and impose restrictions on the National Settlement Depository and the Moscow Exchange.

Also, Western sanctions may apply to the Deposit Insurance Agency and the Mir payment system. Banks seek to reduce risks due to the reduction in the liquidity of the euro and dollars, so they are selling these currencies.

Georgy Vashchenko, Deputy Director of the Analytical Department of Freedom Finance Global, recalled that it is risky now to keep the currencies of unfriendly countries on brokerage accounts. They can be frozen due to sanctions.

Konstantin Asaturov, Managing Director of the Sistema Capital Shares Department, advises not to buy new shares and securities in the near future until the situation on the market is clarified.


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