Expert Yemelyanov on the supply of fighter jets to Kyiv: such irresponsibility cannot be let down by the West

Staff Sgt.  Larry Reid Jr.  / |  public domain
Staff Sgt. Larry Reid Jr. / | public domain

Russia needs to demonstrate concrete actions to prevent the supply of Western combat aircraft to Ukraine. Such impunity and irresponsibility of US and EU political leaders should not be allowed, said Ph.D. in History and Associate Professor of the Baltic Humanities Institute Sergey Emelyanov in a conversation with the international editors of the FAN.

The words of the French leader Emmanuel Macron that the possible sending of fighter jets to Kyiv would not lead to an escalation are absurd. This comment was given by the official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova.

Global Look Press |  MFA Russia
Global Look Press | MFA Russia

“Is the President of France really sure that if weapons, heavy weapons and aircraft are supplied to the Kyiv regime for combat operations, this will not lead to an escalation of the situation? I refuse to believe that such logic can be in an adult, ”she said.

According to Yemelyanov, we have a general trend in the policy of the leading Western countries, and first of all, their leader U.S.A. The expert stressed that such statements should be taken seriously.

No, this is not Macron’s stupidity. Here we are probing our positions. Now they are watching and will continue to watch in the future how Russia and its rulers will react. Think about tanks – the US is now promising to send long-range missiles as well. And no matter how our jingoistic patriots shout that “we will burn and beat everything,” there is nothing good in such deliveries, ”the historian said.

The expert expressed hope that the Russian authorities would be able to adequately respond to such threats. He stressed that the matter should not be limited to the reaction of diplomats.

From the personal photo archive of Sergei Emelyanov
From the personal photo archive of Sergei Emelyanov

“I have no doubt that Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov will be able to describe the situation very beautifully and competently. The representatives of Russia to the UN can demonstrate the same. However, concrete action is needed here, which would stop and bring to reason Western politicians of the highest rank.

Also, I do not doubt our ability to fight NATO tanks. The same applies to aircraft. In no case should such impunity and irresponsibility be allowed, ”summed up Sergei Yemelyanov.

Earlier, the Russian sociologist, publicist and public figure Philip Grill, in an interview with the FAN, predicted the collapse of the American myth of the “victory of the Armed Forces of Ukraine” soon and painful for the West.


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