Expert: iPhone in Russia by the end of the year may rise in price by an average of 20%

© / Evgeny OdinokovThe customer is holding an Apple phone

The buyer is holding an Apple phone in his hands - 1920, 08/29/2023

Aug 29 – World prices for the iPhone and other Apple equipment may add about 12% this year, and in Russia – an average of 20% against the backdrop of currency volatility, Eldar Murtazin, a leading analyst at Mobile Research Group, shared his opinion with.
According to the expert, the main factor is the instability in the global economy, as the cost of components is rising and production is declining.
Vladimir Zykov, director of the Association of Professional Users of Social Networks and Messengers, also told the agency that as iPhone prices rise globally, Russian sellers and distributors will not be able to keep prices at the current level.
“Apple does not officially sell its phones in Russia. This means that importers make the price. And they, obviously, will not work at a loss, and if the price of apple products in the world rises, then they will raise the cost of phones in Russia,” summed up He.
Back in March 2022, Apple stopped deliveries of its products to Russia. Subsequently, the brand’s products were included in the list of goods allowed for import into the country as part of parallel imports.

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