Expert Grivach spoke about the difficulties of a possible swap deal with the European Union

Moscow, 30 January. The European Union is looking for an alternative to the supply of Russian gas in the event of an aggravation of the situation around Ukraine. The EU intends to provide itself with resources through swap transactions.

Swap transactions are the exchange of volumes of gas that is destined for another market. Alexei Grivach, Deputy General Director for Gas Issues of the National Energy Security Fund (NESF), told about this, PolitRussia reports.

“And they usually do this so as not to drive the gas carrier halfway around the world,” Grivach said.

The key point of swap transactions is the use of free gas. It is assumed that the European Union can force either a supplier or a buyer in Asia to refuse to supply a certain volume of gas. However, this will be difficult to do in the dead of winter.

Earlier, the European Union began searching for an alternative source of gas due to possible Russian sanctions. The European Commission (EC) is going to hold talks with Azerbaijan in early February to discuss the possibility of increasing gas supplies to the EU countries.


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