Expert: cheap rental apartments will remain in Moscow until the end of the year

Prices in the Moscow rental housing market have plummeted during the isolation regime. Rent will remain cheap at least until the New Year, says a member of the Guild of Realtors of Moscow, Roman Vikhlyoslov.

According to the expert, the introduction of restrictions on business forced some of the visitors to leave Moscow, and many of the others began to come together or demand a decrease in rents amid falling incomes. The market reacted, and on average the cost of renting a one-room apartment fell to 20-25 thousand rubles after 27-30 thousand.

The main trend for the near future will be the trend of saving and minimizing costs. On the part of landlords – the preservation of tenants, the provision of some additional opportunities and installments.

The rental market will respond with a reduction in rental rates, ”said Vikhlaris in a comment to Reedus.

The realtor added that low prices will continue throughout 2020.

As wrote, the HeadHunter service predicted the mass transfer of employees to remote work after the coronavirus pandemic. Experts believe that so employers will be able to save on rent.

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