Exchange rates: The official euro rate fell below 80 rubles

The official exchange rates set by the Central Bank for the holidays and May 6, fell by almost a ruble.

Thus, the euro fell by 92.99 kopecks to 79.1189 rubles, the dollar fell by 96.31 kopecks to 72.7263 rubles.

The value of a dual-currency basket ($ 0.55 and € 0.45), calculated at official rates, decreased by 94.81 kopecks, amounting to 75.603 rubles.

At morning trading, the June futures for Brent crude oil rose by 6.27% to $ 25.75 per barrel.

Following the oil, the Russian stock market also increased growth. The ruble Mosbirzhi index jumped above 2700 points for the first time since April 9, the RTS index – up to 1167.2 points.

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